Зевгма: Русская поэзия

Зевгма: Русская поэзия:  Сергей Бирюков

Зевгма: Русская поэзия: Сергей Бирюков

I like this one. First, it is a textbook for universities. Second, it is supposed to be free of charge because it was funded by George Soros.

It has one poem by Serge Segay, one by Ry Nikonova, and quite a number of articles, transcripts of conversations and other in-depth material about their work. It also has a chapter on zaum.

Основными визуалистами современности следует, видимо, признать Ры Никонову и Сергея Сигея.
— Сергей Бирюков

It was published in Moscow, 1994 in 10000 copies.